Community Guidelines

Agenus’ Digital and Social Media Community Engagement Guidelines 

Welcome to Agenus’ digital and social media community. We are dedicated to fostering educational and supportive conversations with patients, healthcare providers, media, investors, and prospective employees. Our commitment lies in providing authentic and transparent content. To maintain a safe and constructive environment, we actively monitor our channels for content that may violate our guidelines.

These guidelines apply to all corporate digital and social media platforms, including any digital or social platforms we may add in the future. If you decide to engage with us on these platforms, we kindly request that you abide by our community engagement guidelines and each individual channel’s terms and conditions. Visit LinkedIn, Instagram, Glassdoor, YouTube, and X to learn more. 

1. Engage on Topic and Be Respectful: We encourage constructive discussions related to our company, investigational products, and industry. Please keep your comments and interactions relevant to the content posted and treat others with respect. If you have any questions that are off topic, please contact us here: 

2. Legal & Regulatory Topics: At Agenus, we are committed to providing users accurate and clear information due to our highly regulated industry. Be aware that there are rules when we engage with the public. Understand that we may not be able to respond to your comments or questions on our channels. 

All comments and discussions on our channels must remain on-topic. If your comments are in violation, we may not respond, block/delete user and comments, or remove comments, replies and direct messaging. This includes references to: 

    • Confidential or sensitive information 
    • False or misleading information 
    • Plagiarism 
    • Proprietary data, or any content that may violate legal and regulatory guidelines. Any unauthorized use of copyright & intellectual property is strictly prohibited
    • Investigational products made by Agenus or products, investigational or otherwise, made by other biotech or pharma companies
    • Health or medical advice of any kind 
    • Unauthorized disclosures 
    • Promotional claims of any Agenus investigational product(s) 
    • Inappropriate statements, including defamation of character, threats, slander, hate-speech, harassment, vulgar, or offensive comments. Promotion of any kind of illegal activity is strictly prohibited
    • Software viruses or computer codes that could lead to a cyber security issue
    • Links to other websites and advertisements, which include spam posts and accounts
    • Comments that are in violation of the platform terms of service agreement 

3. Medical & Professional Advice: Our social and digital media channels are not intended for seeking or providing medical or professional advice. Always consult with a certified healthcare professional for personalized advice. If you have questions about our investigational product(s), please contacts us at: +1 781-384-2053 or 

4. Our Response Time & Engagement with Your Posts: We love hearing from you, and we strive to engage with our community as much as possible. However, please understand that we may not be able to respond to every individual message or comment due to our highly regulated industry. We value your feedback and will respond back if we can. 

5. Sharing Your Posts: Whenever you engage with Agenus, you provide us permission to engage back, this means that we will use your handle name and anything associated with the post, like text, images, and video. If you would like to keep your post confidential, do not publicly post or tag Agenus in anything. 

6. Third Party Interaction: Agenus does not endorse engagement for third party activity across all digital platforms and social media channels. We may interact by liking, resharing, or leaving a comment. Content posted by others is not endorsed by Agenus unless explicitly stated by our official representatives or in writing.

7. Additional Consideration: Views expressed by individual users do not necessarily represent the official standpoint of Agenus. You must be of age to interact with us on social media platforms, according to the terms and conditions of individual channels. Lastly, your posts, replies, and direct messages may be reported to law enforcement if found necessary to protect the safety of public or an individual. 

We appreciate your participation in our digital and social media community and look forward to meaningful interactions with you. Together, we can build an informed and supportive community that benefits everyone involved.