To Cure Cancers
With Innovation and Speed

Committed to fight cancers with cutting-edge technologies
and innovative combination therapies, driven by a passionate team
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Our Pipeline

We are targeting multiple mechanisms to fight cancer with
single agent and combination Therapies
Training the immune
system to recognize cancers
Cancer Vaccines
Expanding and
mobilizing immune cells
Priming Agents
CTLA-4, CD137
Accelerating immune attack,
blocking immune resistance
Immune Checkpoints
PD-1, CTLA-4, CD137,
Creating Inroads,
removing barriers
Tumor Microenvironment Conditioners

Our Innovation Engine

We have state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing
platforms to repeatedly innovate with speed
Antibody Discovery and Development
In-house capabilities from early discovery to GMP manufacturing
Vaccine Technology
Innovative and highly differentiated “personalized” and “off-the-shelf” vaccines
Adaptive Learning Platform Systems (ALPS)
Artificial Intelligence (AI) based R&D platform to expand new molecular targets for cancer therapy
GMP Manufacturing Facility
(Berkeley, CA and Lexington, MA)
A key driver of rapid development that helps us advance faster than our peers
Cell Line Development Facility
(Cambridge, UK)
Key to execute rapid drug development

Publications, Presentations
& Other Stories

Scientific Conference

In The News

Our announcements regarding key data, regulatory
and business milestones and events
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19 February 2019
Agenus Launches First Asset-Backed Digital-Security Offering in Healthcare
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15 February 2019
Agenus to Host Call to Launch First Asset-Backed Digital-Security Offering in Healthcare on February 19, 2019
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