Since our founding, Agenus has pursued our principles of targeting the immune system to fight disease. Tumors evade detection and elimination by the immune system through various mechanisms.

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Agenus is discovering and developing a broad range of innovative therapeutic antibodies and vaccines through our focused efforts to assemble a uniquely comprehensive arsenal of complementary technologies.

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We are actively pursuing a variety of partnership opportunities to augment our internal programs.

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Agenus uses the power of the immune system to develop innovative product candidates against cancer. Its technologies and candidates have the potential to treat cancer as well as other immune-mediated diseases. The company has assembled a broad portfolio of antibodies including checkpoint inhibitors and other checkpoint modulators, neo-antigen vaccines and adjuvants. Agenus’ strategy combines its intellectual and technical assets with its broad pipeline with the aim of bringing curative treatments to cancer patients.

Our strategy involves combination approaches utilizing our extensive portfolio of checkpoint antibodies, cancer vaccines and cancer adjuvants. Read More