About Us

Agenus discovers, manufactures and develops immuno-oncology products. The company’s I-O portfolio is comprised of checkpoint antibodies, cell therapies, vaccines, and adjuvants, representing a combination of synergistic agents to deliver curative patient outcomes

Agenus’ lead clinical programs include:

  • AGEN1181 (our multipurpose, next-generation CTLA-4)1: Unprecedented early clinical responses; among first 21 evaluable patients treated with AGEN1181 monotherapy, 1 CR in aggressive endometrial cancer, 1 PR in melanoma. Among first 31 evaluable patients treated with AGEN1181 + balstilimab, 1 CR by PET in aggressive endometrial cancer, 1 CR and 1 PR in ovarian cancer, 2 PRs in CRC.
  • AGEN2373 in clinical development: a CD137 agonist with unique properties designed to impart memory immune response without the toxicities of other CD137 targeting antibodies
  • AgenT-797 in clinical development2: Invariant natural killer T (iNKT) cell based therapy that combines features of two critical arms of the immune system, T cells (adaptive immunity) and NK cells (innate immunity), making them invaluable in combating diseases like COVID-19 and cancer
  • AGEN1777 in clinical development3: a first-in-class TIGIT bispecific to target a major inhibitory receptor expressed on T and NK cells to improve anti-tumor activity
  • Balstilimab in second-line cervical cancer4: 20% ORR in PD-L1 (+) patients; ~40% improvement to pembrolizumab. ORR of 15% in all-comers, with a median duration of response of 15.4 months
  • Balstilimab (anti PD-1) + zalifrelimab (anti CTLA-4) in second-line cervical cancer5: 33% ORR in PD-L1 (+) patients; 26% ORR in all-comers; expands benefit of anti-PD-1 alone

1Data presented at AACR 2021

2Through affiliate MiNK Therapeutics

3Licensed to BMS

4Data as of August 2021 published in Gynecologic Oncology

5Data as of September 2021 presented at ESMO Virtual Conference