About Us

Agenus discovers, manufactures and develops immuno-oncology products. The company’s I-O portfolio is comprised of checkpoint antibodies, cell therapies, vaccines, and adjuvants, representing a combination of synergistic agents to deliver curative patient outcomes

Agenus’ lead clinical programs have achieved objective clinical responses (as of April 2020):

  • Zalifrelimab [AGEN1884] + balstilimab [AGEN2034] (our anti-CTLA-4 antibody in combination with our anti-PD-1 antibody): 14 positive clinical responses in 55 patients with second-line cervical cancer (~26% ORR with ~12-month follow-up)
  • AGEN1181 (our multipurpose second generation anti-CTLA-4 antibody): Complete and partial responses – as a monotherapy and in combination with balstilimab – in early clinical trials

Agenus’ clinical and preclinical pipeline:

  • AGEN2373 in clinical development: a CD137 agonist with unique properties designed to impart memory immune response without the toxicities of other CD137 targeting antibodies
  • AGEN1777 – Phase 1 target 2021: a first-in-class TIGIT bispecific to target a major inhibitory receptor expressed on T and NK cells – to improve anti-tumor activity
  • AGEN1327 – Phase 1 target 2021: a Fc-enhanced anti-TIGIT antibody – to improve antitumor activity
  • AGENT-797 in clinical development: an iNKT allogeneic cell therapy with potential to treat solid tumors and COVID-19