Antibody Discovery and Development

In-house capabilities from early discovery to GMP manufacturing

We can deliver registration grade material at commercial scale faster than industry average.

At Agenus, we believe vertical integration is critically important. We have taken aggressive steps to accomplish this, facilitating rapid and efficient advancement of our antibody programs and minimizing reliance on external vendors. Through innovation and strategic acquisitions, we have developed an unparalleled suite of internal technologies and capabilities. These, combined with our fully integrated approach, enable us to precisely control and design the properties of our antibodies so that we can generate products with the desired properties to enhance their efficacy.

Our antibody discovery and development capabilities are driven by innovative technology and guided by our deep expertise in immunology, structural biology and computational biology. Aided by two unique antibody display platforms (Mammalian Retrocyte Display and Phage Display) and with an automated high throughput screening platform, Agenus UK can discover novel antibodies and deliver high quality producer cell banks at extraordinary speeds.

Our in-house Cell Line Development group uses state-of-the-art technologies to deliver cell lines that are monoclonal, stable and have commercial grade yields. These cells lines are used to provide material for conducting preclinical (PK/PD and toxicity) and clinical studies, as well as efficient technology transfer for commercial supply. Bringing CLD in-house has provided assurance of quality, flexibility with production schedules, reduced timelines and reduced cost of development. At our CLD facility in Cambridge, UK, we have established an efficient system starting with high throughput screening and selection of clones, to developing robust and reproducible cell lines that are viable for commercial scale production. These capabilities culminate in faster INDs with a seamless supply of product which is essential for clinical and commercial success. The ability to rapidly deliver high expressing, stable cell lines is critical to shortening timelines from candidate molecule nomination to IND filing and treating patients.

The integration of our discovery, development and manufacturing capabilities provides Agenus with unique advantages in an era when quality, efficiencies and speed of development and commercialization are paramount to successfully developing a new generation of I-O biopharmaceutical therapeutics.