Innovation Engine

GMP Manufacturing Facility

(Berkeley, Ca, USA)

A key driver of rapid development that helps us advance faster than our peers

Agenus’s in-house GMP manufacturing facility in Berkeley, CA (Agenus West) was acquired from XOMA in 2015. With 20-30 years of experience in technology transfer, process development and antibody manufacturing, the team at Agenus West is blazing forward with industry-leading efficiency and speed. Today, we can deliver clinical grade material from research cell bank in ~4 months, which is 3-4 times faster than the industry average. Agenus West has streamlined manufacturing by working closely with our cell line development team in Cambridge, UK, to ensure that all our cell lines meet eligibility requirements for commercial manufacturing. Agenus West also strives to bring in cutting-edge technology platforms that enhance manufacturing speed, cost efficiency, operational flexibility and technology transfer- all with the goal of delivering our innovative therapeutics to patients with lightning speed.